Fri, 26.07.2019
Dome Church
Tickets 25/18 €



Carlo Gesualdo Tenebrae Responsoria

Björn Schmelzer (artistic director, Belgium)

On the evening of July 26, be ready for a spectacle in the Haapsalu Dom Church in which two musical innovators meet – the ensemble Graindelavoix and the composer Gesualdo. Graindelavoix, the main performers at this year’s Haapsalu Early Music Festival, are an award-winning Belgian vocal ensemble with a stellar global reputation. The group will perform Tenebrae Responsoria by Carlo Gesualdo – one of the most radical composers of the late Renaissance era. There will be special chiaroscuro lights installed in the Haapsalu Dom Church for the performance. This will be a wonderful concert for shaking off daily routines, introspection, and cleansing the spirit. The name of the ensemble – Graindelavoix – could be translated as „the grain of the voice“ or „the core of the voice“. When you have heard the ensemble perform, you will understand.