Sun, 25.07.2021
Dome Church
Tickets 30/22 €

Jupiter Ensemble


Instrumental concerti by Bach and Vivaldi
Artistic lead Thomas Dunford

The Jupiter Ensemble was born out of the desire of lutenist Thomas Dunford to bring together the most outstanding musicians of a new generation. All of the artists invited to take part in the project are brilliant masters of their instruments, and some of them are already renowned soloists. The great freedom that they have all acquired during their projects, the choices in their explorations, and shared knowledge of music will mean we can perform the various repertoires in question with passion, power, and emotion.

Thomas Dunford (lute)
Sophie Gent (violin)
Louis Creac’h (violin)
Augusta McKay Lodge (violin)
Fanny Paccoud (viola)
Salomé Gasselin (viola da gamba)
Doug Balliett (doublebass)
Jean Rondeau (harpsichord and organ)