Sat, 30.07.2022
Tickets 25/18 €

Ensemble Floridante

Maria Valdmaa (soprano)
Lisa Kawasaki (flute)
Aira Maria Lehtipuu (violin)
Villu Vihermäe (cello)
Saale Fischer (harpsichord)

Program: G.F. Händel, G.Ph. Telemann, J.-B. Forqueray, J.-P. Guignon, M. Blavet

Behind Georg Philipp Telemann’s (1681–1767) Paris quartets there are composer’s trips Paris. The City of Love was visited twice by Telemann, already famous in Europe, as he was invited to Paris by renowned French musicians: the flutist Michel Blavet, the violinist Jean-Pierre Guignon and the gamba player Jean-Baptiste Forqueray, all of whom also acted as composers. It is also known, that, while Telemann was in Paris, these musicians performed his quartets there, the composer himself playing on the harpsichord.
It is very likely, that the guest from Germany was also introduced to the French composition style in the works of his hosts. So, besides Telemann the program today features also works by these French composers, who performed Telemann’s quartets in Paris. The instrumental program is complemented by a selection of German arias by Telemann’s contemporary George Frideric Handel, for solo voice, solo instrument and basso continuo. In these minor vocal works Handel, who gained fame and glory as an opera and oratorio composer, opens himself up in more intimate and delicate way.