Fri, 29.07.2022
Tickets 30/22 €

Concerto Copenhagen


Conductor Lars Ulrik Mortensen

Joseph Haydn – Summer Symphonies

Symphony No 47 in G major, “Palindrome” (1772)
Symphony No 44 in E minor, “Mourning” (1772)
Symphony No 43 in E-flat Major “Mercury” (1771)

We know Haydn as one of the great symphonic composers. With over 100 symphonies to his name, he has been a long-standing favourite with symphony orchestras worldwide. But for Haydn, who normally had 12–14 musicians at his disposal, a symphony was something entirely different. Symphonic chamber music would be a more adapt description, transparency and clarity being vital components. Haydn spent most of his summers from 1767 at the Esterházy family’s summer residence in Fertöd, in present day Hungary. It was a hub for outstanding music making. The music room could just about accommodate the ensemble and the musical experience was intimate and immediate. Inspired by Haydn’s summers in Fertöd, Concerto Copenhagen performs some of the most irresistible “chamber music” ever written. Directed by CoCo’s own Haydn, Lars Ulrik Mortensen, who knows to savour the composer’s unparalleled wit and inventiveness.