Sat, 8.07.2017
Dome Church
Tickets 20/15

Baroque revisited

Ensemble Supersonus:
Marco Ambrosini (Nyckelharpa)
Eva-Maria Rusche (Harpsichord)
Anna-Liisa Eller (Kannel)
Anna-Maria Hefele (Overtone singing)
Wolf Janscha (Jew’s harp)

By using a unique combination of styles, instruments, and musical expressions, Supersonus offers an intense soundscape and invites everybody on an imaginative journey. The journey includes diverse visions, starting with a heaven-like expanse, the ecstasy of dance and stoical calmness, and scenes of joyful play, ending with a dark, epic shadow theatre. You can find yourself walking through baroque pleasure gardens or rising to mountain tops where you can observe the world in its inherent natural beauty.