Saturday, 27.07
St. John’s Church

Bach – Crossing borders

Lute and harpsichord works

Angela Ambrosini (sopran-nyckelharpa, Italy/Germany)
Marco Ambrosini (alto-nyckelharpa, Italy/Germany)
Anna-Liisa Eller (kannel)
Valentin Cointot (bass-nyckelharpa, France)
Eva-Maria Rusche (harpsichord, Germany)

Italian-born Marco Ambrosini, now a tight-scheduled globetrotter, is best known as a promoter and virtuoso of the Swedish folk instrument nyckelharpa. As an open-minded musician, he has developed a distinctive playing style, expanded playing techniques and repertoire of his instrument. Marco Ambrosini is known as an excellent improviser as well as arranger, with a musical repertoire ranging from folk to baroque and contemporary music. In 2023, ECM commissioned Ambrosini to arrange some lute and harpsichord works by J. S. Bach to a chamber ensemble, those will be premiered in Estonia at the Haapsalu Early Music Festival.